July 2022 Event

Senator Malcolm Roberts

Now the Federal election is over we are learning to live with whatever legacy the outgoing government has left us and look forward with interest to the policies the new government proposes.

It is also a time to acknowledge how governments, both Federal and State, managed the Covid-19 pandemic. As you are aware, Queensland still has a State of Emergency in place where mandates, lockdowns and lockouts can be imposed on us at any time. We remain at the mercy of our unelected health bureaucrats.

How can we change this?

It is also time to look at ways to make positive changes and move forward. This may be a daunting task after all that has occurred over the last two years and we may be scared, confused, and disillusioned. However, we are fortunate to have the assistance of a very dedicated gentlemen, Senator Malcolm Roberts, who is well known for his efforts fighting for changes in the government and institutions, and a prominent local doctor Dr Peter Johnson (Noosa). They have kindly agreed to come to our event on beautiful Sunshine Coast and discuss ways of Moving Forward with us at this event.

I am delighted to invite you to attend. Senator Roberts and Doctor Peter Johnson seek the truth and are prepared to fight for the rights of every Australian to improve our future and raise awareness of the relevant issues pertaining to the current state of our country.

Please visit the Facebook page of Senator Roberts for more information about what he has been doing recently:

There will be a Q and A session after the presentation to help explore the options available to us with charting ways to move forward.

Date: 23 July 2022

Time: 12:00pm – 2:00 pm

VENUE: North Shore Community Center, 701 David Low Way, Mudjimba, 4564.


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