July 2023 Event

 Hello Everyone,

We are fortunate to host two distinguished guests for our upcoming event: Dr. Peter Ridd and Professor Anthony Grey.

Dr. Peter Ridd is highly esteemed academic known for his impactful contributions to Marine Geophysics and his extensive research on the Great Barrier Reef. He is an outspoken advocate for scientific integrity and academic freedom.

Professor Gray is a distinguished faculty member at the School of Law and Justice at the University of Southern Queensland, has extensive expertise in constitutional law, human rights, comparative law, and civil obligations.

At our next event, Dr Ridd will present on GBR and contentious issues involving the impact of climate change and farming practices on the health of GBR. Professor Gray will delve into the high-profile case of Peter Ridd versus James Cook University at the High Court of Australia. We will explore the implications of the Ridd vs. JCU case and what it means for the future of scientific inquiry and debate.


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