January 2023 Event

Hello Sunshine Coast Community,

As we approach the end of 2022, the Moving Forward Team reflect on the events we shared with our community members. We had great guests speakers and are planing to continue organising more high caliber presenters. We believe our Sunshine Coast Community deserves only the best and we will do whatever we can to make this happen!

Moving forward into 2023 we will also continue to explore ways we can make positive changes for us as individuals, for our community and at the State and National level.

Moving Forward Sunshine Coast Team would like to invite you to a daytime presentation, our first event in 2023:

Moving Forward with Emeritus Professor Gabriel Moens
and Dr Robert Brennan.

Gabriël Moens AM is an Emeritus Professor of Law at The University of Queensland. He served as Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the School of Law at Murdoch University. In 2003, Prof. Moens was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal by the Prime Minister for services to education.

Professor Moens has taught extensively in United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, PR China, Hong Kong, Japan and the United States. Professor Moens is a past winner of a University of Queensland Excellence in Teaching Award. He is a co-author of numerous books and textbooks including “The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia. 9 ed. LexisNexis: Butterworths”. For more details about Professor Moens’ academic achievements please visit https://law.uq.edu.au/profile/1077/gabriel-moens

As Australia’s population is ageing, ageism has become a serious human rights issue, the existence of which is acknowledged by the Australian Human Rights Commission, noting on its website that “71% of Australian adults over 65 reported that they had been insulted or mistreated on the basis of their age.

Professor Moens will expand on the topic of age discrimination and disproportionate suffering of elderly Australians in the context of the recent pandemic, an unprecedented wave of emergency legislation that caused a detrimental impact on doctor–patient relationships, and much more


Dr Robert Brennan taught anatomy and several of the biomedical sciences before entering medical school and a career as an emergency psychiatric medical officer

Dr. Brennan was the first doctor in Queensland who was suspended for speaking against the mandates. His vax neutral critique of government public health policy as anti science, anti human and anti reality resulted in a 9-month suspension from being able to practice (by the medical board at the start of the pandemic). Dr Brennan is a Co-Director of the Australian Medical Network and he co-hosts a radio show on TNT live with military whistleblower David McBride.

Dr Brennan will delve into the reasoning behind why some people follow the crowd and others do not. He will elaborate on how we can build resilience against the pressures of the crowd and propaganda. Dr Brennan will take us down memory lane exploring some key experiments in conformity and obedience (Asch and Milgram especially) and what lessons they might teach us in the covid and post covid era, viewed through a political philosophical lens. Robert’s credentials to address these complex issues are impeccable.


Both guest speakers will participate in the Q & A session after their presentations, to help explore the options available to us, suggesting ways to move forward.

As with our previous events and at the request of some community members, we have enabled ‘Pay it Forward’ option within tickets if you wish to add it to your cart at checkout.

For those experiencing financial hardship, please reach out via email and we will arrange a free pass for you.

DATE: 14 January 2023

TIME: Doors open from 1:30 pm for a 2:00 pm start (no late admissions)

VENUE: North Shore Community Centre701 David Low Way, Mudjimba QLD 4564

ENTRY Fee: $10 per person, non-refundable to help cover the cost of event outlays.*

Free parking available onsite. Bring your water/refreshments. This is an alcohol free event.

Places are limited.

We respectfully request NO children under 16yo at the event.

We look forward to seeing you at Northshore Community Centre 701 David Low Way, Mudjimba QLD 4564

Abby Begeta

* The cost of the tickets have increased due to the increased cost of running the events inc Insurance, venue outlays etc.. The price for the events will stay at $10 for the foreseeable future. As mentioned previously – those experiencing financial hardship, please reach out via email and we will arrange a pass for you.



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